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Acceptable use policy

Users agree to accept responsibility for all actions and content posted within the Quest for Learning (QFL)website, noting that the following is unacceptable:

Posting of copyrighted/trademarked materials

Use of inappropriate language i.e. language that is obscene, defamatory or threatening

Posting of material that may encourage criminal conduct

Transferring computer viruses or other code that interferes with other users’ use of the website

Responsibilities and Guarantees of Quest for Learning website

QFL is not responsible for unexpected downtime of the website. The users will, however, be informed in advance of any scheduled downtime.

Loss of data due to interruptions in Internet service is not the responsibility of QFL but that of the users’ internet service provider

Neither will QFL be liable for the loss of data caused by a computer or electronic virus. It is the responsibility of the user to implement procedures for backing up data and virus checking

QFL reserves the right to review, move or delete material at its own discretion, including postings to discussions boards, bulletin boards and chat rooms, which it considers to be in breach of the terms and conditions for use
QFL will not be responsible for links posted by users in its system or using its online tools

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Privacy Policy

Personal identifying information includes names, addresses, contact details, date of birth, job details etc. Any such information volunteered by you through the process of using this website will be treated confidentially by QFL. It is not our policy to share this information with any third party. However, users must be aware that any personal identifying information voluntarily posted to public areas of this website, such as the discussion boards and chat rooms, may then be available for use by others and that QFL cannot prevent this.

QFL uses ‘cookie’ technology, which involves the placing of a small text file on your computer for the purpose of remembering your preferred font size (should you have used this option). These cookies do not access, reveal or collect any personal information or other data on your computer.

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