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About this project

Project Summary

The “Quest for Learning” project is European Union (EU) funded through the Minerva funding stream. The aims of the Minerva Action are: to promote understanding among teachers, learners, decision-makers and the public at large of the implications of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for education, as well as the critical and responsible use of ICT for educational purposes; to ensure that pedagogical considerations are given proper weight in the development of ICT and multimedia – based educational products and services, and to promote access to improved methods and educational resources as well as to results and best practices in this field. For more information on Minerva and other EU funding streams visit

The QFL project supports the Minerva action by developing a range of on-line resources related to learning and employability, for people with disabilities. Products currently being developed by the project include: an e-learning module on Study skills for students with disabilities, an e-learning module on Disability awareness and inclusive education for teaching staff, a virtual support network for graduates with disabilities, guidelines for teaching staff on ODL practices and the support needs of students with disabilities in ODL environments.

The project is for two years with an end date of 10 October 2005 . It is a trans-national project with partners in Estonia , France , Portugal , England and Ireland . The project has a total budget of €276,092 with 75% being supported by the EU Minerva programme.



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